Allari Naresh Selfie Raja Movie Review

Selfie Raja Movie Review
Allari Naresh in Selfie Raja 

After 7 flops in a row Actor Allari Naresh desperate to get a hit movie. Now he came up with a Comedy based movie with the Selfie concept as Selfie Raja. Directed by Eshwar Reddy, this Movie has Release in theaters today on 15th july.

What's the Story about:

Selfie Raja( Allari Naresh) is a happy guy marries the daughter(Kamna Ranawat) of a commissioner(Nagineedu). As the commissioner has some personal issues with a dangerous criminal, the criminal decides to take revenge and creates problems in Selfie Raja’s married life and breaks up his marriage.

Selfie Raja had no choice and decides to end his life and hires a contract killer(Ravi Babu) to shoot him. Now the Twist comes,Instead of Killing Selfie raja he will plan some thing big with his special partner..

We have to watch the movie to know Who is this special partner ? What is the plan ?

What is Good:

-Allari Naresh comedy without Experiments.
-Spoofs executed Well.
-30 years Pruthvi comedy.

What is Bad:
Unnecessary scenes in Second-half.
Ravi babu role Not proper.
Songs are Disturbing the story.

Technical Department:

Good visuals.
Production values are decent.
Sai Kartheek Music is good.
Screenplay is bad.
Dialogues are ok.
Director Eshwar reddy not handled the scirpt well and storyline not convinced properly.

Selfie raja is a Timepass comedy movie.
we can watch this movie without any expectations.

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