Kabali Movie Review

Kabali Movie Review

kabali is going to release Worldwide on July 22nd. Special shows of the movie Kabali held in Some countries a day before its official release, today on 21st July RajniKanth Watched his latest movie kabali in the united states with his family members.

The Movie got Positive Reviews from all those who have enjoyed the film with the superstar rajnikanth.

Acccording the US sources, The movie is complete out and out Entertainer. Lots of Goose bumps moments in the movie. It was said that movie has Terrific story and performances and dialogues. Movie is going to be the biggest hit of the year.

A man who saw kabali movie in U.S Leaked the introduction scene of kabali movie got leaked and it goes viral in social media.

The video shows that Rajnikanth reading a book about dalit community and releasing out of a Jail and came out as KABALI look.

More Updates..Stay tuned..

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