Rashmi Gautam's Antham 2016 Review

Rashmi Gautam's Antham 2016 Review

Actress Rashmi Gautham made youth to attract to her role of Suvarna in Guntur Talkies. Her glamour and tempting acts are one of the attractions.  She is now as Vanitha in Antham movie. She shown in a glamour avatar in antham trailer releasing today directed and produced by Gssp Kalyan and Hanu charan creations.

Kalyan (Charan) and Vanitha (Rashmi Gautham) are working couple who lives in Hyderabad. Kalyan (Charan) goes to Vijayawada to cast his vote leaving his wife in Hyderabad. He starts to return from Vijayawada to Hyderabad in his car. On the way to hyderabad Sudarshan joins him. Suddenly an unknown person (Vasudev) threatens to kidnap and kill Kalyan’s wife and gives him a mission.What is that mission is the story..

Reshmi Gautham as Vanitha is Ok to her extent. She is meant to her glamour show and sensual acts. Charan is okay as Kalyan. He looks more like a villain than a hero. Vasudev as villain is average and is so loud. Sudharshan who generated few laughs has failed miserably with flawed execution.

Music by Karthik Rodriguez is okay. He failed with his background music .Cinematography, Editing and vfx which are handled by Gssp Kalyan who is also the director are just okay and is bad in few parts. Editing is not good. Production values are very poor.

There is nothing in the movie that attracts any type of audience.
There is No glamourous show of rashmi as we seen trailer.
Watch it if you like Rashmi Gautham in Guntur Talkies

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