Mohanlal's Manamantha Telugu movie Review

Mohanlal, Gauthami starrer telugu movie Manamantha directed by Chandrasekhar yeleti under production of Vaarahi chalana chitram produced by Rajani korrapati. Music composed by Mahesh Shankar. The movie Released today, August 5th, 2016.

the movie open Positive reviews from Telugu audience. Director Rajamouli praised the movie as a top class film in the career of chandra shekar yeleti and also said the movie will remain in our hearts and thoughts for a very long time, through Twitter.

Manamantha Full Movie Review

Manamantha is based on the lives of four different people.

Sairam(Mohanlal) is an assistant manager in a supermarket looking for success in his job.

Gayatri (Gautami) is a housewife  , always looking out for her friends and family members.

Abhiram (Viswant) is a brilliant student , aiming big in his life helping people around him.

Mahita (Raina Rao) is a school girl who always thinks about others than herself .

How the Four lives will a change with an incident will forms the story...

Chandra Shekhar yeleti made a family drama into Thriller, and he made the film interesting .

The screenplay was interesting. a big plus point is director made sure the perfect casting for this film.

Mohanlal is excellent in his character. Gauthami as housewife is exceptional. Vishwant is impressed. Raina rao is a surprise,she is superb.

Visuals of the movie is not upto the mark. there was some clarity missing for some characters.

Production values are rich. BGM by Mahesh is superb. Screeplay,Dialogues are excellent. Chandra shekar made the storyline thrilling and amzing.

A unique family thriller treat to Watch.

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