Renu Desai shared Pawan kalyan photo on Twitter, goes viral

Few years back, when the movie Pawan kalyan movie  badri was released, people thought that pawan kalyan and renu desai on screen chemistry was awesome..after that..they are in 'live in relationship'. After years of live in relationship , they got married. the couple was perfect,

what ever may be the reasons, after few years, they got divorced, and pawan kalyan married to a russian girl Anna Lezhneva. Renu desai shifted to mumbai with their children Akira and aadhya.

Every time she shares or talks something to media, she always speaks about pawan kalyan, in her words we can see how much she loves pawan kalyan.

Today 29th August 2016, Renu desai Tweeted to fans "Do you want me to share one of my fav pic of Kalyangaru, clicked by me, to use as a common dp for his bday?" as Pawan kalyan birthday reaching near, his birthday is on September 2nd.

After huge response from fans asking her to share the photo , she tweeted with photo describing that "I love d intensity of his eyes/look in this,hence it's my fav! Also d skin tone is original &not edited by me".

Pawan kalyan latest photo shared by renu desai
renu desai shared Pawan kalyan Photo on twitter

Renu desai twitter photo
renu desai shared Pawan kalyan Photo on twitter -2

so many questions raised from fans about the photo when and where , later she again tweeted, "This was clicked by me in 2010. I had just bought my #5d #Canon & caught him sitting quietly, thinking, staring into the setting sun rays :)".

These Tweets clearly Explains us The bonding between pawan kalyan and renu desai.

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