Tamil Comedian Actor soori saw a ghost on Coimbatore-Palani highway:video

Tamil Comedian Actor Parotta soori saw a ghost on Coimbatore-Palani highway , the video gone viral on social media posted by soori.

Tamil cinema comedian and actor  Parotta soori shared a video of ghost that he saw on Coimbatore-Palani highway.

 ''My real ghost encounter, Unbelievably True. Coimbatore to Palani Road at 2.30am''.the message shared by Comedian Parotta  Soori on facebook.

The video which runs for a minute, shows actor Parotta Soori with his driver conversing in Tamil sitting inside the car. he was Shocked to see a human-like figure on road, Suri asks his driver to switch off the lights and run the car over it.

As they try to run it over, we hear someone banging the vehicle. After few seconds, Soori turns on the interior lights to see a rug on top of the car's windshield which gets pulled away in a split of a second.

However, it is not  clear whether it was a prank or a Real encounter of Ghost.

Watch Video:Actor soori saw a ghost on Coimbatore-Palani highway


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