Book Uber, Ola cabs from Google search

Yes, Now you can book Uber or Ola cabs through Google search from your smartphones. The Google website announced today on 19th October 2016.

Using Google Search App in your mobile phone, we can request for the information like "uber to secunderabad railway station" or "Ola to Golconda fort" or "Taxi to Ramoji film city".
The mobile browser detects the cab service, It will gives the selection for the app Ola or Uber
 then we can easily book for the service in just one click.

It will gives the estimated time, distance and fare. It also gives the pickup time if the cab is near to the person location.

* if the app is not installed on your smartphone, the google will show the link to install the Uber or Ola App.

below are the screeshots that you can see...

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