Pragya Jaiswal First Look Poster , Video : Nakshatram

After Sundeep kishan and Regina First look pics from Director Krishna vamsi's Nakshatram Movie, Today Ram charan Released the first look of Pragya Jaiswal , who playing a powerful role in the movie nakshtram.
director Krishna Vamsi introduced the Characters and names is interesting. Sundeep Kishan as 'Rama Rao' A Common man in Uniform, Regina Cassandra as Jamuna Rani  Junior Aritst . Now Pretty and pulsating Pragya Jaiswal Look.

Pragya jaiswal look is the 5th look from Nakshatram. finally we have to wait for Sai dharam Tej Look, and yet to release 5 more First look posters from the movie.

Sundeep kishan Specified pragya jaiswal as Lady Khiladi, in his twitter.

Watch pragya Jaiswal First Look Poster

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