Kavya Madhavan office in Cochin raided by police on Bhavana molestation case

Actress Bhavana's highly condemnable abduction case has taken a major twist as superstar Dileep and producer-director Nadhirshah were grilled by the cops for close to thirteen hours a few days earlier. A raid was also conducted at frontline actress and Dileep's second wife, Kavya Madhavan's online business centre in Cochin.

Police sources have revealed that initially Pulsar Suni had confessed that he had thrown the memory card in which the atrocity on Bhavana was filmed into a gutter.  The cops thoroughly searched the place but could not find the evidence. After a more severe police method Suni has given a statement that as planned he had handed over the memory card at Kavya's office. The involvement of such big stars in the humiliation of an actress has shocked the film industry and reports suggest that further shocking truths will be unearthed by the cops in the coming days.

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