Apurva Asrani Proves How Kangana Ranaut Stalked Hrithik, Watch This Hilarious Video

Apurva Asrani, the actor and script writer now breaks out with the tweet stating that Kangana stalks Hrithik and her early obsession on him during the movie “Kites” starred by them. She even take a win over situation by posting hilarious tweet with the video clip from the movie.

The content was indeed in depth because she alleged that Kangana breaks out into Hrithik’s home at time she initiated to chat with him after the party in the hotel. This incident was also mentioned by Hrithik in his interview with Arnab. But there is also a talk that there is a personal hatred by Apurva since the film Simran starred by Kangna was a bad hit and also her bossy nature in the set.

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