Health Tips : Benefits of Eating Whole Eggs

Eggs are an incredible source of protein. It contains about 6 grams per large egg and contains all the essential amino acids that you require. Egg yolks contain antioxidants, B vitamins - including vitamin B12, vitamin A, iron, selenium, biotin, phosphorous, choline and other trace nutrients. Eggs can be considered as a perfect food only if the yolks are also included. Choline in particular is important for brain function and the nervous system and also for supporting the detoxification process in the body. Egg whites are not a whole food and when you consume a fragmented food like egg whites, your body doesn't process it like a whole food.

Top Health Benefits of Whole Eggs :

-Whole Eggs Improve Performance.

-Whole Eggs Fight Iron Deficiency.

-Eggs Do Not Increase Blood Cholesterol.

-Eggs Promote Weight Loss.

-Whole Eggs Promote Brain Health.

-Eggs Help Prevent Cataracts & Protect The Eyes.

-Eggs Can Help Protect The bones.

-Eggs Promote Healthy Hair & Cells.

-Prevent blood Clots & Helps You Stay Healthy.

-Prevents Arthritis & Endometriosis.

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