Wow…its Anushka again, Latest Pic from Bhaagamathi

Everyone was surprised when they look Anushka as slim in Baahubali 2 and the first look poster of her next ‘Bhagmati’. Of course, Baahubali team has spent crores of rupees to visualize Anushka in slim and lean looks. And, netizens are trolled her first look of Bhagmati is a photoshop effect. Now, Anushka puts an end to these rumors by posting a pic on her facebook which is creating a buzz amongst movie buffs. In this pic, Anushka can be seen in the different look and it seems that the pic was taken in the middle of her workouts. And, she has given a strong caption for that pic as ‘A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes Sweat, Determination, and Hard work.’ It’s so inspiring right. So, we can see Anushka in stunning looks again in her next thriller ‘Bhagmathi’ directed by G Ashok. Wait for 25th January for its theatrical release.
 What do you think about her looks? We value your comments in below.

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