Baahubali stunt got misfired, check for video

We think the team forgot to mention a note ‘These stunts are picturized under experts surveillance with the help of VFX’ when the Baahubali movie is screening in Theatres and Televisions. Because we got through a viral video in which a Baahubali movie’s hardcore fan tried to do the stunt with an Elephant by inspiring from Amarendra Baahubali introduction scene from Baahubali: The conclusion.

That hardcore fan of Baahubali went live on his Facebook page and in which he is trying to climb on Elephant by feeding bananas. When he started to hold the animal’s tusk to climb on it, the elephant immediately flings him away. This video is shot in Thodupuzha, Idukki district in Kerala. Here is the viral video for you.

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