Finally, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu responds on Nandi Awards issue

It seems that controversies over Nandi Awards will not get end soon. Many of film industry people are given controversial statements against Nandi Awards and called it as Caste Awards. Jury chairman Jeevitha Rajasekhar’s comments also raised the heat and added political touch to these awards. Now, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu reacted bitterly to the criticism over a selection of Nandi awardees.  During the time of TDP Strategy Committee meeting, CBN responded on this issue and said “If I know such a situation would arise, I would have to recommend Jury to conduct IVRS to pick up Awardees based on people’s opinion. It is unfortunate a caste tinge is given to the awards and we should not have announced the awards for all the three years at once. In future, we will ensure there is no scope for criticism. We will consider using IVRS to pick up Award Winners.”

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