Major fire accident at Annapurna Studios

A major fire accident happened at Annapurna Studios in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad on yesterday. According to the sources, two Telugu movie sets (Manam, Sye ra) were burnt down in the fire accident which occurred at around 6.30pm in the evening. The sets were said to be empty when the accident happened and no casualties were reported so far. There is no update about an exact cause for this fire mishap.The staff also tried their best to control the fire but they failed to stop it. Due to heavy traffic, the four fire tenders arrived late and the staff members had to barricade the studio to prevent people from entering the premises.

Annapurna Studios owned by Akkineni Nagarjuna family and several movies, reality shows, and television serials are shot on a regular basis.Two cinema settings of Manam (featuring the Akkineni family) and Sye Raa (of Megastar Chiranjeevi) are said to have been reduced to ashes. Manam setting was put up in 2012 for the shooting. Since this was the last film ANR acted and it brought the family a thrilling response, the family chose to retain the setting forever. Now, the setting reduced to ashes much to the disappointment of the family.Nagarjuna, who rushed to the Studios on Road No. 2, Jubilee Hills upon learning about the accident, requested media not to enter the premises. "It is my own studio. Personal property. Not public premises," he said. Nagarjuna later told the media that the Manam setting put up with Rs 2 crore expenditure five years ago was completely burnt."That is the only loss. No other damage," he said.

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