Nagarjuna As A Super Cop in RGV Movie

Nagarjuna has officially  reported that he is playing police character  in his next film that sees him rejoining with Ram Gopal Varma. It has just been told for that the movie will start shoot on November 20.

Nagarjuna today tweeted, "Super excited to start RGV’s cop drama with his intense stylised action on nov20/wanted to announce it myself but the media beat me to it."

Then again, RGV says he has welcomed his mom to sound the clapboard for the muhurtham shot. RGV posted message on FB that "My mother thought I'll be a good for nothing bum...So I'm making her give clap for my new film with Nag...My revenge completes".

It was RGV's dad who clapped for the muhurtham shot for Shiva in 1989. "My dad never trusted I can be a director...So I delivered retribution by influencing him to offer applaud to the first shot of SHIVA," he included.

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