Nagarjuna wants Anushka again

Yes, Nagarjuna wants Anushka again in his next movie ‘#NAGRGV4’. The movie is directed by RGV and this is the fourth project of NAG&RGV combo. RGV wants to rope Bollywood actress in this movie. But, they didn’t find any suitable actress to pair with Nagarjuna and RGV had a thought to consider Radhika Apte again. But, Nagarjuna is not happy with RGV’s decision and he wants to consider Anushka. This decision definitely adds much weight to the film. We know that there is the good relation between Nagarjuna and Anushka. Nag has introduced Anushka with his Super movie and he takes more care of her. With no doubts, we can simply expect Anushka as a female lead in this movie. Recently, the movie shooting has commenced in Annapurna Studios.

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