Nara Rohit’s six pack will reveal soon

Everyone eagerly looks for Nara Rohit films. Because the way he chooses the scripts is different from other actors. There are many fans of his voice and performance. Recently, Nara Rohit made a promise to his fans that he will be seen with six pack body in his next movie ‘Balakrishnudu’. In a trailer, Nara Rohit looking with a well-toned body and it seems that he tried his best to shed his weight. But, his body is not looking as six-packed. We heard a news that he will be seen in shirtless in a fight scene which makes you surprise to reveal his six-packed body. Balakrishnudu featuring Regina Cassandra as the lead actress in the romance with Nara Rohit is a romantic action drama film written and directed by a debutant director Pavan Mallela and is releasing on next Friday 24th November.

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