Raai Laxmi as Lakshmi Parvathi, is that true or publicity stunt?

Raai Laxmi is now in high demand after her bold moves in her Bollywood debut movie ‘Julie-2’. Before this movie, Raai Laxmi only appeared in item songs in Telugu movies and no one from Telugu industry isn't used her glamour or performance in their movies. With all her luck, she got a crazy offer to replace Neha Dhupia in Julie sequel which helped her to fame National wise.

Coming to the news, after RGV’s announcement on his next project about NTR biography ‘Lakshmi’s NTR’ in which the story narrates from the view of NTR’s second wife Lakshmi Parvathi, then immediately the counter-attack has started from Telugu Desam Party’s youth leader ‘Kethireddy Jagadishwar Reddy’ to defame Lakshmi Parvathi by showing her early life with her first husband ‘Veeragrandha Subbarao’ and of course with a title ‘Lakshmi’s Veeragrandham’.

There are many rumors came out that the makers might rope Vani Viswanath as Lakshmi Parvathi and of course, she agrees openly about their offering. But, now another rumor circulating in film circles that the makers now are going to approach Raai Laxmi to take this project to limelight by using her fame which she got with Julie-2. If it is true, then this will make audience so happy to see her in a full-length glamourous role. Hope this will happen soon.

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