Rajinikanth praised Nayanthara’s socio-political drama ‘Aramm’

Superstar Rajinikanth praised Nayanthara’s latest film ‘Aramm’ on Monday. Aramm is a socio-political drama about the realistic view of our flawed system through the eyes of a 4-year-old and during the course of a day in the life of a district collector. Nayanthara has played as the fierce collector who has to deal with a life and death situation in a village. The movie is written and directed by Gopi Nainar and it became box office hit in Kollywood.

Superstar Rajinikanth watched this film in a special screening and he said he was really touched by the film and appreciated the whole team. Director Gopi Nainar said about Nayanthara that “I believe we’ve successfully broker her usual image and I’m sure audiences will like her in this new avatar when I pitched the story and explained that she plays a collector, she visualized how she has to look in the film. I was really impressed with her level of involvement.”

The film’s producer K Rajesh has confirmed a sequel is in the offing. “Plan is definitely on to make a sequel. Aramm 2 will be even more powerful and hard-hitting. Nayanthara will reprise her own role,” Rajesh said.

The film has received positive reviews from all and critics said that Nayanthara will get National Award for her performance in this movie. The movie soon will get the release in Telugu with the title ‘Karthavyam’.

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