Ramcharan Wife Upasana Konidela’s Coffee Tips : Video

Upasana Konidela, the wife of Ramcharan Konidela is always being popular in Social media with her tips about workouts and healthy habits. At earlier, she has posted her workout session videos on Twitter to make awareness of workouts in life. Millions of followers are eager waits for her videos. Again she came up with a video in which she sharing things like how her father-in-law Megastar is so particular about his coffee and how her mother-in-law makes for him. In this video, she shows the way to make a Mega coffee and useful tips. “No coffee post 4 pm as it impacts our sleep patterns. 2 cups a day, not more. Add as less sugar as possible. A shot of black coffee pre-workout boosts ur energy. Health craze- #coffee + #kombucha Sprinkel leftover coffee grains in your garden & you have a natural insecticide”

Upasana has spent more time in the gym by doing regular workouts for her present lean look. She has taken this decision to become slim when she heard about negative comments about her fatty looks at the time of her marriage with Ramcharan.

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