RGV’s epic comments on a pic of ‘SSR, JNTR & Mr. C’

RGV always loves to make himself controversial with his comments. Now, he is in news again by making the funny controversial comment related to homosexuality on the trio pic of ‘SSRajamouli, Jr.NTR & Ram Charan’. He took his facebook and said, “Being an ardent worshipper of women I strongly condemn such blatant promotion of gay culture.” He also wrote “Okkaru kadu iddharu kadu mugguru aa type ae na….paiga mugguru kuda pellainavallu..Allah, what’s happening? Jesus, can you please tell me.Balaji garu meeraina cheppandi.” Everyone is laughing about this funny comment from RGV’s view of thinking and nobody will take this as serious considering RGV’s mindset. Let’s wait who will respond to this from that trio.

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