S Durga / Sexy Durga trailer, what is this controversial movie about?

S Durga, previously titled as Sexy Durga, a Malayalam film directed by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan is now in the news after it is being dropped along with Marathi film Nude from screening at IFFI by The Ministry of Information & Broadcasting. With this decision by I&B, Sujay Ghosh resigned from the Jury team along with two other Jury members.

Talking about this movie, the movie is about two friends Durga (Rajashri Deshpande) and Kabeer (Kannan Nair) who are going to catch a train at late night. When they are looking for a Taxi, then they are offered a lift in a car with two men. Then, what happened that night is the rest of the story. Of course, there is no properly written story and screenplay. It’s just about a night journey. The film is certified with U/A by Censor Board with 21 audio mutes. And, the film is screened at International Film Festival Rotterdam in February and bagged the prestigious award Hivos Tiger.

Talking about the movie, a director said that “The film is known internationally with a title as Sexy Durga. But, in India, people are free to interpret S Durga in whichever way they like. My film has nothing to do with religion and nothing against Goddess Durga. Anyway, the film is very established, even if you make it S Durga, A Durga, B Durga, the film will remain Sexy Durga.”

Now, we are wanted to know that what you guys are thinking about this Title of the movie after watching the trailer at here? We are thinking that why the filmmaker chose the name as Sexy Durga and we are sure that its only for controversies to get the buzz on his film.

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