sex is a feeling, not a taboo – Vidya Balan

Vidya Balan has always believed cinema is always an ‘Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment’ in typical dirty picture style. She is now busy in attending promotional events for her upcoming ‘Tumhari Sulu’ directed by Triveni. The film is about middle-class Desi Bobby who is working as late night RJ for earnings. In an interview, she said about sex as ‘Sex is a feeling, not a taboo. It feels so funny how in spite of being the most populated country in the world, we still don’t talk about sex openly’.

Vidya Balan recently shot a video titled ‘Taboo’ for the youtube channel ‘Zoom Studios’. This is a part of ‘Kripya Dhyan De’ initiative and in this video, Vidya is talking about how Indians consider sex or sex talk a taboo. She feels that it is time to “re-look” at the attitude towards sex. We must strive for a traditional and yet modern balance, and aim for the hypocrisy related to sex to go away. Our children need to know that sex is a feeling, not a taboo.”

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