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Anasuya Latest Photoshoot 2017, Stills, Photos, Pics from TV Shows

Anasuya Bharadwaj, An Anchor and an actress.. hosting various television shows in TV Channels , currently she is doing programs like jabardasth, drama juniors, jackpot and some other shows in other channels. Here i am posting the pictures of anasuya bharadwaj from the television shows and the pictures from her instagram and twitter.

Anchor Anasuya at SIIMA Awards 2017 Day 1

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Anchor Anasuya at SIIMA Awards 2017 Day 1

Ali is back in the news.. Satires on Anasuya!

Comedian Ali yet again crossed his border in excitement , he satires on anasuya in a recent hosted awards function. Ali and anasuya hosted for an event for a popular channel. we know Ali always try to entertain when hosting for such events and also he throws satires on celebrities. This time his satire on anchor anasuya shocked everyone out there.

Here it is.. Actor Raj Tarun invited to come on to the stage. When Raj Tarun was invited alone on to the stage to announce the winner to give the awards, he joked , "Naku Evvaru Jatha Lera?," ("I don't have a company?") pointing that all other invitees who were invited on dais were two in number - two guests.

when Anasuya went out of the stage to accompany Raj Tarun in announcing the winner, Ali quickly thrown a satire on anasuya as "Evvaru Jatha Kavalanna Vellipothava". Anasuya and the crowd shocked with that comment.

Anchor Anasuya in 'Jackpot' Show : Latest Photos

A New Gaming show 'JackPot' started on 13th February 2017 in Popular channel Gemini TV. it will be telecasted Every Sunday at 8.30 pm. Anchor and actress Anasuya Bhardwaj Hosting this Game show 'Jackpot'.

An Another Big show from anasuya after 'A Date with Anasuya', Jabardasth, Drama juniors, etc...