Sreemukhi in Bigg Boss season 3

Sreemukhi is a trending anchor in Telugu television industry. She started her career through a show called patas, the show was successful.sreemukhi got fame and name through patas show.Sreemukhi is famous for boldness. She Left Telugu audience shock by posting a video in her social media accounts that she is leaving patas and she no more being a part in it.

While everyone one thought that she got movie chances and she is leaving anchoring but recently she asked people to ask questions in her Instagram. Someone asked ” are participating in Bigg Boss season 3” she answered that “let’s see what happens you will get to know about it“.

Sreemukhi In Bigg Boss Season 3

Sreemukhi would the past of Bigg Boss season 3 because of the following reasons:
1. She left the show which gave her name and fame
2. She mentioned that “you will get to know” but she did not say no.

According to the Bigg Boss game show rules, they should not reveal anything about the show until it goes live in televisions.
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